Did you know that 68% of all IT projects fail?

The experience of the team you hire will define your success

In other words, according to ZDNet of CBS, only one out of three IT projects, like your online efforts, will succeed.

We’re not here to give you bad news. We just want you to know, your highest priority in picking a web marketing and web design company should be finding those technologists who know what makes IT projects fail and what makes them succeed.

In a world driven by competitive pricing and so much hype about what technology can deliver, WinnerWP strives to never compromise on quality and be a guiding force in creating online projects with ease and succees.

Both our founders have been developing software technology products for over two decades.

Our co-founder Firat Sabah has given all his attention to WordPress and Woocommerce in the last 5 years. Starting his early career in developing voice over systems for large corporations, his favorite programming languages were C, Cobol, and Fortran. Firat later continued his career as an IT consultant and entrepreneur.

Our co-founder Ferhad ‘Had’ Erdogan started his career in game software development over two decades ago. When Internet changed our lives, and connected the world in ways never imagined, he turned his interactive software development experience and business knowledge to creating web presences for organizations.

We are not a huge company. We don’t claim to have all the answers. Our only promise is that we have a team that is well seasoned and incredibly professional. With that, we are dedicated to making your project succeed.

That’s our promise. Making you successful is our business plan.


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Managing my website was taking time, money and still the results were not as good until I found WinnerWP. Now I save time and spend less in total but best thing is that I am winning more customers than I could do on my own.

Anne Downey, Gur Natural Spring Water

After countless hours of doing my own digital marketing, without getting the results I wanted, I decided to hand the job over to WPSpark. I couldn’t be happier. I have better results with less budget. All my keywords rank within first three, bringing me a lot of organic traffic.

Sinem Aksay, Mindfulness TR