eCommerce Icon Blue Genie WP Spark

$360/Month after

E-commerce Site

Fast & Secured
Keyword Analysis
Competitor Analysis
SEO Optimized
Google Analytics Integration
Premium Plugins
Payment Gateway Integration
Includes Up 20 Pages/Products
You Can Add More Pages/Products



Business Icon Blue Genie WP Spark

$119/Month after

Business Web Site

Fast & Secured
Keyword Analysis
Competitor Analysis
SEO Optimized
Analytics Integration
Premium Plugins
Lead Generation
Includes Up 10 Pages/Products
You Can Add More Pages/Products



Blog Icon Blue Genie WP Spark

$49/Month after


Fast & Secured
SEO Optimized
Analytics Integration
Subscriber List Generation
Premium Commenting
Social Media Integration
Includes Up to 5 Pages
You Can Add More Pages/Blogs


Website Design Bundle

An easy and affordable way to get your online business up and running!

Order a web design service now and then enroll in one of our maintenance plans.

Your website will be fully optimized; includes free ongoing optimization.

Built from the bottom up, your website will look great no matter what the screen size or device it is viewed on.

Making changes is quick and smooth. Simply add pages or products to your website using WordPress, the most advanced content management system. We will further customize your website based on your needs. Easily update pages, blog posts, products or services.

We will secure your website with several premium up-to-date security software & tweaks. We will perform daily backups and store them for a minimum of 30 days. Your data is the backbone of your business — let us help you keep it safe.

Forms are the major tool in growing your business and therefore an integral part of your website. We will design a form that gathers the data you need and we will integrate them with your CRM, mail list, etc.

We offer several extras that will save you valuable time and money.  Depending on your website, these extras may include plugins, themes, landing pages, integrations, etc.   Contact us for more details.

Why choose us for your project?

Avoid Needless Frustration

There are a lot of options and information on building a website.  Hosting, technology, features, etc. Many try to build their own website on free-based hosted platforms, which can take several months to learn how to manage and then realize realize without additional add-on the free site will not help drive their business. Sadly, they have wasted so much time and energy only to lead to frustration.

Avoid this painful frustration easily by using our service.

Achieve Your Goals Quicker

Depending on the nature of your business, the goal of your website can be, building an online presence, attracting visitors, generating leads, building a community or providing services.  We want to successfully build & maintain a website that helps you reach your goals faster without the high costs.

Cut Your Costs

WordPress and Woo-commerce are free. However, there are several paid extensions that makes WordPress much more functional & secure. Without these extensions, it’s hard to be competitive. When purchased individually, these extensions will cost you much more than our service fee. In addition, there are the yearly subscription fees. Also, you will also need to know how to install & setup correctly or buy an additional installation service.

Do the math! These premium features would cost you much more! Let us save you TIME and MONEY!!! 

You Are Fully Supported

Talk to us about your website. To make it easy, we created a built-in support system. You can easily contact us via your WordPress dashboard or through our website. We are always available for you.

Join to get expert support.

Have More Time

We utilize several expert tools to take care of your WordPress website. These tools help us to automate daily cloud backups, performance monitoring, malware scan, up-time monitoring, reporting, keyword ranking, etc. If it was done manually, this service would take 10 times longer and would cost at 10 times more.

Select A Plan And Join Now
  • Avoid Frustration

  • Your Goal Is Our Goal

  • Reduce Your Initial Costs

  • Save in the Long Term

  • Expert Support

  • Custom Design

  • Google Optimized

  • Fast & Secure

  • Looks Great on Mobile Phones

  • Forms & Integrations

  • Premium Extensions

  • Premium Plugins